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Distillerie des Moisans has created a prestigious range: DEAU cognac.

Harmony, richness and generosity in the cognac universe? Discover DEAU cognac, the high-end expression of Maison Deau by Distillerie des Moisans. To understand the rarity of this magnificent cognac, let us go back to the history of this family heritage.

The history of DEAU overlaps with that of cognac. Since the beginning of the first millennium, the Cognac region’s farmers have been cultivating vines, and it was not until the 17th century that double distillation was invented. Since then, this process has made Cognac unique and excellent. During this same period, the name of Louis DEAU, winegrower, born in Saintonge in 1665, appears in the official archives.

From generation to generation, the descendants of Louis DEAU have cultivated the vine with passion. They produce the best wines which, once distilled and aged in oak barrels, give birth to the best cognacs.

It is this passion that the Distillerie des Moisans, owners and operators of the wine estate in the heart of the Cognac region, has perpetuated since its acquisition by Roland BRU in 1960.

Today, his daughter Véronique BRU LEGARET, her children and the company’s team are taking over the destiny of the DEAU Cognac brand. The family continues to produce wines that give rise to exceptional cognacs. The flagship brand of the range, DEAU XO, is a reference, an excellence that symbolizes the French art of living.


The magic of the Charentaise Distillation for Cognac

DEAU XO, a must of the DEAU Cognac Collection, is one of the exclusive productions of the Distillerie des Moisans.

The estate has 60 hectares, 30 of which are Fins Bois vineyards. This region of the AOC Cognac has a reputation for the finesse of the eaux-de-vie it produces and for the delicacy and suppleness of its cognacs after aging.

The dominant grape variety is the “Ugni blanc” of Mediterranean origin. This is a late grape variety that is harvested at the end of the summer. The Ugni Blanc gives a lively and fresh wine, ideal for the production of cognac.

The magnificent distillery, nicknamed “the cathedral”, houses 12 copper stills and adjoins the ancestral cellars where the precious eaux-de-vie of the DEAU Collection, preserved in more than 2,000 barrels, are kept.

Photo: Distillerie des Moisans

DEAU Cognac owns and operates its own vineyards, thus controlling the quality of its products from the selection of grapes and vinification. In addition, it controls with the utmost rigor the entire production process up to the final bottling.

Photo: Distillerie des Moisans – Leaking

Photo: Distillerie des Moisans – Barrels

And it would not be possible to evoke DEAU cognac without mentioning cellar master Christophe Gauville. He has put all his experience and talent into the production of these great eaux-de-vie. This is how the exceptional qualities that have made the reputation of the DEAU COGNAC Collection are perpetuated and passed on.

Photo: Christophe Gauville – Cellar Master


Deau XO cognac, the reference of the Domaine

Known as the Cognac d’Esthète, DEAU XO combines harmony, richness and generosity. The blend to produce this cognac consists of very old eaux-de-vie, mainly Petite Champagne and Fins Bois. This cognac will spend at least 10 years aging in the calm of the humid cellars, in Limousin oak barrels to acquire and develop all the flavors and perfumes that make it incomparable.

Winner of multiple medals in various international spirits competitions, such as the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the China Wine & Spirits Awards, the International Wine & Spirit Competition, Spirits Selection or the International Spirits Challenge, DEAU XO cognac stands out with mentions such as Outstanding and gold and silver medals.

It is not only the precious elixir that is the distinctive sign of this unique cognac. DEAU XO cognac equally stands out by its bottle. Its seductive silhouette, like a contemporary sculpture, is the messenger of the brand’s strong values.

Exclusive, the DEAU XO cognac bottle seduces with its bold lines that are both elegant and energetic. The flame-shaped stopper and the frit are gilded with fine gold. Elements that complete this exceptional product with distinction.


DEAU XO Cognac d’Esthète Tasting Notes

DEAU XO Cognac d’Esthète, the result of blending Petite Champagne and Fins Bois eaux-de-vie, stands out visually for its golden/amber color with coppery reflections. On the nose, aromatic notes of jasmine, violet and candied fruits, as well as lychee and prune rise. The palate reveals a powerful aromatic richness with delicate notes of walnut, cocoa and coffee beans. The finish is ample, woody, leather, tobacco and musk, concluding in a rare but perfectly coordinated power.

To taste cognac DEAU XO, serve at room temperature (18º) or on the rocks.



Available in volumes : 70cl / 75cl / 1 liter

40% ABV


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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