Champagne promises to be distributed in the UK with or without agreement

At one foot near a brexit without agreement, the French champagne wants to ensure its distribution in the United Kingdom.

It is currently the largest export market in the Great East region. In fact, champagne reached almost 5 billion euros in exports last year. The British, big fans of French nectar, are the world’s second largest consumer and are expected to have consumed 22.6M litres by 2021. Only last year 26 million bottles were sold.


Increase in the price of champagne

French producers wishing to maintain this fruitful market promise to supply the United Kingdom with or without agreement.

The price of champagne is estimated to increase considerably as a result of Brexit. In fact, because of the reintroduction of customs duties and border controls.

However, this scenario appears to be a more risky consequence for small producers than for large producers.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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