definition of vodka

Change the definition of vodka

The United States and Europe changed their definition of vodka a long time ago. However, in Canada, everyone still has their own definition.

Some Canadians say that historically, vodka was made from everything a local community left from the harvest.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has initiated consultations to redefine the opening of interprovincial trade to innovative artisanal distillers who wish to try new products.

However, some current rules have not changed for decades: vodka must be made from cereals or potatoes and filtered with coal!

But a new generation of distillers is challenging these standards… Indeed, some use original foods such as milk, grapes… while others minimize filtration that eliminates subtle flavors.

Not meeting the standards, this clearly prevents them from selling their vodka beyond provincial borders even though they can still export it internationally.

And what is your definition of vodka ?


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