Cheers! Premium spirits in India win over Bangalore consumers

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With the confinement, Bangaloreans gathered more at home bringing home premium alcohol brands increasing demand.

Via The New Indian Express

Bengalureans are consuming more premium spirits, with changes in routine since the onset of the pandemic. Having parties at home, partaking of brunch instead of late dinners, have brought imported premium spirits to the table. In addition, more time at home, less movement implies looking for less caloric alternatives.

A 500 ml can of our beer has 220 calories. It has no added sugar, rice or corn. It is brewed only with wheat, barley, hops and water. With health concerns, young people now prefer low-calorie beer and quality red, white and sparkling wines, while gin is also seeing an increase. Now that nights out at cocktail bars are turning into brunch at outdoor venues, sparkling wine and prosecco are clear winners,” said Roshni K Hemdev, general manager of Business at Ciro Trade, an importer of alcoholic beverages.

Premixed drinks such as Salud Beverages, bottled gin and tonic, are also making their way into this market. It appears to be an opportunity for young, health-conscious consumers.

We are targeting the younger generation at home and pool parties, as well as the growing segment of Sunday brunch goers. For health-conscious millennials, it contains natural flavors with natural sugars and a 6% proof. It’s the perfect way to unwind,” says Salud Beverages founder and director Ajay Shetty.

“There is also a huge demand for probiotic wellness drinks and out-of-the-ordinary beverages in the non-alcoholic space and this is where our ‘anytime, anywhere’ brand of probiotic kombucha comes in,” said Latambarcem Brewers CEO Aditya Ishan Varshnei.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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