heineken cheers to all ad best of 2020

“Cheers to All,” the most effective Heineken beer advertising of 2020

Kantar recently revealed a Top 20 of the most effective ads of 2020, in a year marked by the health crisis. Read more here.

No less than 10,000 ads were analyzed to establish a tally of the best ads as part of the Creative Effectiveness Awards.

It turned out to be the Dutch beer brand Heineken who topped the count with its “Cheers to All” campaign. The ad was made with the agency Publicis Italia. In it, we see people serving each other cocktails and Heineken beers.

With the tagline “Cheers to whatever you ordered,” the ad cleverly denounces a famous gender stereotype. Beer is necessarily for men and cocktails for women.

Through this campaign, Heineken encourages viewers to look at life with a new perspective. Based on the belief that you will enjoy it more because your eyes are opened. Cheers to All demonstrates that beer is for everyone. The campaign aims to challenge the status quo by breaking down outdated stereotypes.

Our ambition with Cheers to All is to celebrate the inclusivity of all great drinking moments, showing how a simple Cheers moment can bring people together,” said a Heineken representative.


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