Have a taste of these craft cocktails made with beer

Have a taste of these craft cocktails made with beer

Michael Agnew takes us through his travels in bars in the United States tasting the best craft cocktails made with beer.

Whilst Winter Fades

A cocktail made by The Albatross Bar & Restaurant in Astoria, Oregon. It’s a cocktail that settles the soul thanks to its hint of rye whiskey, bitter nuts and maple syrup. The beer brings a touch of foam and complements the rye whisky thanks to the spicy and earthy hop notes and its sharp bitterness.



Rye Whisky

Pilsner Beer

Maple Syrup

Bitter walnuts


The Gilded Trophy

This cocktail was created by cocktail specialists Jon and Lindsay Yeager. A mild, spicy blend of rye whisky, pineapple that blends perfectly with a German rauchbier urbock beer that is smoky and full-bodied. It is perfect to accompany meats, roasts and grills.


Rye Whisky

Beer Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock

Pineapple juice


Harvey Weissbanger

A creation of the spirit blogger Jacob Grier. With the Harvey Weissbanger, Jacob revisits the original recipe of this cocktail replacing the vodka. Other tips for turning this cocktail include adding banana and cloves, or a hefeweizen style German beer.


Wheat beer

Orange juice

Anise Galliano



*Recipes originally published by Michael Agnew in Star Tribune. 


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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