The best beers you can still sip while its September

Between the transition from summer-autumn and autumn-spring for some, in September it is worth trying certain beers. We recommend 13 beers.

Some of these beers are produced in the United States, so it will be easier to get them if you are there. You will also find beers from Belgium and other countries. But many of them are sold abroad. However, you can find similar styles produced by brewers in your region and surrounding countries. As many of these vary in style you can find, Belgian, German, IPA, Ale…


Grisette – St Feuillen – Belgium Wheat Ale. 5.2 %

A full-bodied beer according to the brewery. It is light, refreshing in warm climates and has a slight lemon and acid taste that appears at the end.


Nimble Giant – Troegs Brewing Co. United States – DIPA. 9 %

A double IPA style beer (DIPA – Double IPA). Solid in the mouth without the citric accent of the classic IPA and a touch of pine. Smooth and pleasant to drink. A little stronger than normal with a 9% alcohol content.


Primator – Primator. Czech Republic. Hefe Weizen. 4.8 %

A light hefe weizein style beer produced by the Czech craft brewery Primator. It has a banana aroma on the nose but is much softer on the palate. A medium-bodied, well-balanced beer with soft, small bubbles.


Rainbows are Real – Clown Shoes Beer. United States. Hazy IPA. 6.75 %

Softly creamy and very pleasant in the mouth. To the taste, hints of fresh lemon and orange with a well-balanced hop finish.


Surfine – Dubuisson Brewery. Belgium. Belgian Triple Season. 6.5 %

This brewery has existed since the 18th century and still produces beer today. Surfine has fruit tastes like cherry and tangerine shell and its carbonation is excellent.


Rabbid Rabbit – Three Floyds Brewing Co. United States Saison (seasonal). 7.5 %

A seasonal beer commonly called saison, with a traditional Belgian flavour. It has a ginger-ale aroma.


Classic – Blackberry Farm Brewery. United States. Belgian Style Ale. 6.3 %

An American beer that faithfully reproduces the Belgian style. It is very smooth and we feel soft citric touches in the nose.


Passion Blaster – New Holland Brewing. United States. Fruit Ale. 6 %

We perceive red and darker fruit flavors such as raspberry and plum. We also feel apples in the finish. It is sweet.


Crunchy Hippie – Earnest Brew Works. United States. Brown ale. 6.2 %

For the lovers of the dark beer here we have the Crunchy Hippie that reunites a variety of ingredients: oats, wheat, brown sugar, honey, sunflower grains, chia and hemp, uvapasa and cherry. In spite of this its taste is not of grains and we feel the character of the hops. Malt taste on the palate.


1265 – Left Hand Brewing Co. United States Pilsner. 5.2 %

Light, typical pilsen beer. Balanced and created with Sterling Cascade and Citra Hops. It represents very well this style of beer.


Cali Squeeze Beer – Slo Brew. United States. Hefe Weizen. 5.4 %

There are three different styles of this fruit-based beer:

-Cali Squeeze Blood Orange: very fruity and it takes over the traditional taste of a weizen hefe.

-Cali Squeeze Mango: refreshing but dominates the palate.

-Cali Squeeze Tropical P.O.G: passion fruit, orange and guava. Fruity, refreshing and easy to enjoy.


Obreron Mango Ale. Bell’s Brewing. United States. Wheat Ale. 5.8 %

Prepared with wheat and mango, we recommend finding it during the right season. In it you can feel the fruit of the mango and the dry side of the wheat, creating a good balance.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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