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Coca-Cola takes a step forward with the implementation of paper bottles

After declaring in 2020 not to get rid of plastic completely, Coca-Cola decides to reassess its commitment to the environment.

Through a partnership with the Danish company Paboco (Paper Bottle Company), Coca-Cola unveiled its first “paper bottle“. Available only in Hungary for now, Coca-Cola plans to roll out 2,000 bottles of the AdeZ plant-based beverage.

The Paboco paper bottle has a biopolymer inner film. This film provides a water-resistant barrier that prevents the paper from becoming soggy. The outer layer, made from a wood pulp-based paper, provides a perfect substrate for printing on the bottle. This avoids the use of a label. In addition, the bottle allows the use of a paper or metal cap.


Although the bottle is biodegradable, Coca-Cola hopes to develop a design and supply chain that allows the bottles to be recycled just like paper. “Our vision is to create a paper bottle that can be recycled just like any other paper. This prototype is the first step towards achieving that,” said Stijn Franssen Director of Packaging R&D Innovation for EMEA countries.


“Waste-free world” by 2030

However, the company has several challenges to face. For example, during transport, bottles could easily be crushed or damaged. Indeed, this is a growing complication for pressurized CO2 beverage containers.

That is why Coca-Cola has chosen AdeZ to start testing. This drink is a thick, dairy-free smoothie containing seeds, fruit juices and vitamins. If successful, Coca-Cola will gradually consider expanding its approach. Thus, Coca-Cola could achieve its “World Without Waste” sustainable goals by reducing its waste footprint and developing solutions to easily recycle its bottles and cans, switching to the unique use of 100% recyclable packaging materials by 2030.


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