Cocktails Spirits Paris 2019, second day: what’s on the agenda

After a successful first day, the second day of the salon on bartending and spirits in Paris, the Cocktails Spirits 2019 reserves a very interesting program.

Attend to the conferences at the long-awaited Bar Rouge, where unique experiences on the venture are shared. Bartenders tell their stories live from 14h00.

This 27th of May we will have the opportunity to listen to Julien Escot and Pierre-Cyrille Acquier on Aperture, from Montpellier, representing France.

While from abroad arrive Tato Renato, of Florería Atlántic0 of Buenos Aires; The Virgin Mary Bar of Dublin represented by Anna Walsh, Oisin Davis and Vaughan Yates. On the other hand, from South Africa the award-winning bar Mootee, represented by Dominic Walsh and finally Himkok Oslo, represented by Maros Dzurus and Odd Strandbakken.

Remember that you cannot miss the showcase of the “Bar des Innovations” which includes – after selection by a jury – the 100 bottles that will be the news of the coming months. A must-see and a unique showcase.


Cocktail Spirits Paris 2019

Sunday 26 May

Monday 27 May

Palais de Tokyo, Paris 16.

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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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