Three Questions To Thierry Daniel, Cocktails Spirits Paris

On the occasion of Cocktails Spirits 2019 and its 12th anniversary, we had the pleasure of asking “Three Questions to” Thierry Daniel, co-organizer of Cocktails Spirits.

The French trade fair for the bar and spirits sector, which welcomes market players and bartenders, and deciphers trends and innovations. What’s more, conferences, not to be missed, by experts in the industry.

Trends, judging criteria within Cocktails Spirits, and a little opinion about “don’t drink and drive” are on the agenda in this interview to a key player in the organization of the great French festival on spirits, mixology, cocktails and bartenders.


1. What would be the criteria for judging “the most influential innovations”?

To identify the new products that we consider to be the most interesting, we use the following criteria:

-Does that advance the category?

-Organoleptic qualities

-The balance

-The emotion


2. What are the 5 criteria for judging “most influencial bars”?

-To have been there

-The offer (quality – price – drink menu)

-The atmosphere

-The ability to communicate

-Management / Reception

On arrival, it is indeed a global experience.


3. In your opinion, what should a bartender do when a customer has drunk too much and wants to drive?

The law requires that you do not serve a drunk customer.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that the spirit-free offer is very interesting in many bars.


Don’t forget, Cocktail Spirits returns this weekend, from Sunday 26 to Monday 27 May at the Palais de Tokyo from 12:00 to 19:00.

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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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