Cognac : 98% of the French production is exported

Last year, Cognac reached record-breaking sales, with over 200 millions of bottles sold all around the globe. That is about 10% more bottles sold compared to 2016.

Cognac is a French-made alcoholic beverage that tends to lose popularity in its homeland, but it keeps gaining some abroad. It is especially popular in the USA, since 98% of the production is exported mainly in the US.

This local spirit from Charente is still produced according to traditional processes and know-how, but this did not prevent French people to lose interest in Cognac. However, it has been trendy among American rappers for a while, and it often makes apparitions in music videos.

Cognac is also popular in other countries such as China and South Africa, as well as in about 150 other countries.

Although it is originally consumed as an after-dinner liqueur in France, it is now used in cocktails and even for cooking.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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