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Cognac exempted from tariffs imposed in the United States

Cognac was removed on Saturday, February 15, from the list of alcohols affected by U.S. taxes.

Revised every 6 months, this list is published by the US administration when it reviews its tax regime on imported products. In recent months, this tax has caused controversy in the spirits world.

Cognac should not be affected by taxes on imported products such as wine, champagne or Scotch whisky. Although there was a rumour that it could be threatened like other spirits. But finally, the United States decided to target Airbus, instead of the French spirit. “We are quiet for 6 months,” says the head of a large cognac house, with relief.

The United States is the first international market for cognac and will be able to preserve its rates at home. In the meantime, the cognac industry is facing the consequences of the coronavirus, a disease which has swindled this alcohol in China.


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