corona beer

Corona, the name of the beer, discovers its meanings

Corona“, the first thing that always came to mind was beer. In modern times, it has taken on another meaning. But it has more than one. Discover them here.

Corona, the Mexican beer, was found in the eye of the storm at the onset of the coronavirus. We well know why, and that is that they both carry the name “corona”. Corona is also a person’s name, worn by 230 000 people around the world: 150 000 in Mexico, 33 000 in the United States, 12 000 in Italy, 10 000 in Venezuela, 3 500 in the Philippines, 3 000 in Spain and 670 in France.

The virus currently plaguing the population, Covid-19 coronavirus, is so called because it is surrounded by a crown-shaped protein capsule.

The Beer, which we also love to drink on its own, in micheladas or with a lemon wedge, is called so simply because of its logo: a crown -corona in Spanish. This beer has existed since 1925 and has carried this logo since.

Born in Mexico and raised on the beach, Corona is the perfect complement to the simple pleasures of life. The golden color, the slightly refreshing taste and the iconic hand-painted bottle, topped with a freshly squeezed lime.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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