Delicious news: Warburton’s beer made with crumpets

Warburtons British bakers have had the delicious idea of turning leftovers and old crumpets into beer. Find out here.

Warburtons bakery specialists are creating beer from leftover crumpets and old crumpets. The beers are created in partnership with the sustainable brand Toast Ale.

Warburtons Bakery has partnered with Toast Ale to produce these IPA beers with crumpet leftovers. The beer is IPA type Indian Pale Ale, light, with 4.2% alcohol content. In the recipe they replace the malted barley with Warburtons crumpet leftovers. They extract the starches and sugars that are converted into fermentable sugars

This Warburtons Toast Ale, is a limited edition -for now-. But the bakery said the range could be made permanent “according to consumer demand”.

“…we’re proud that this is our first unbaked product,” says Darren Litter, head of product innovation. James King, marketing and brand director of Toast Ale, says: “We couldn’t be happier to venture into the world of crumpets. We will continue to celebrate the change and hope everyone loves this new Crumpet Beer as much as we love making it and tasting it.

Warburtons and Toast Ale Crumpet Beer is available on the Toast Ale website. The price is £28 for 12 bottles of 300ml.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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