Diageo Reserve launches the Belsazar Vermouth brand

Diageo Reserve officially launched Belsazar Vermouth after acquiring the brand from Distill Ventures earlier this year.
Created by German entrepreneurs Maximilian Wagner and Sebastian Black, it is the first vermouth to join Diageo Reserve’s portfolio.
The drink is described as a high quality aperitif! It is made from grapes selected from various regions in southern Baden, Germany. Then it is infused with herbs and finished with a pinch of fruit cognac. Belsazar is then aged for up to three months, which allows it to develop complex aromas. You will find five styles in the range: White, Red, Dry, Pink, Pink and a limited edition of Riesling.

Richard Larkin, Head of Diageo Reserve GB, said: “We are extremely pleased to launch Belsazar, the first vermouth to join Diageo Reserve’s portfolio. Vermouth is currently experiencing a real resurgence in popularity, driven by the growing trend towards low alcoholic beverages and classic cocktails. The versatility and distinctive characteristics of the liquid mean that it complements a wide variety of services or is an excellent choice for a quality aperitif. It’s really an excellent choice for easy-to-prepare cocktails that can be created at home.”

So ready to create your cocktail ?

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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