Do you know the history of Jeppson’s Malört liquor ?

Jeppson Malört, the famous bitter liquor once reserved for Chicago diving bars, whose popularity has spread as a sign of civic pride, has been sold. The new owner, CH Distillery, wants to redirect production locally. For the past fifty years, malört has been made and bottled in Florida and will now be produced in Chicago.

“Malört” means “absinthe“, it is usually served in the form of a shot, the result of a challenge or an attachment ritual between old friends. There is a facial expression – “malört face” – associated with the face you make after drinking it, which usually comes with a “it’s not so bad”. But after a break, the aftertaste comes into play, like a warmed up and revived corpse grabbing a drinker’s throat!

Building on its success, the distribution will expand to other cities such as Austin, Milwaukee and Seattle. So much so that Malört T-shirts and other goods are now very popular.

Some of Chicago’s best bartenders have tried to use malört in drinks, but there is no signature cocktail.
You have to drink it pure, so do you want to taste it ?



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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