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Eat with your eyes! Food photography by artist Tokiko Iino

Food photography reaches another level in the works of Tokiko Iino. We show you some work examples of the Japanese artist here in our article.

Food presentation artist Tokiko Iino delicately takes her time to display delicious dishes. Iino, carefully shows different stages of the food: from de producer to the eater. “…The most important thing are the people and the land. I try to incorporate as much as possible from the place so people can really taste and feel where they are“, tells the artist to Japan Times.

Previously a design student, Iiko started to choose for herself what to make. She enjoyed creating food displays for her family, she says. She started to host salon-syle dinners home from three to four times a month, in those sessions she would name Green Kitchen. Here, she would taylor her menu and table design according to the what she wanted to reflect.

Iiko paved her way winning contests too. She won the Edo Tokyo Vegetable Cooking Contest. And also, she obtained the honorable mention in the 2011 International Ceramics Festival Mino. By 2011, following the reccomendation of a friend, Iiko started offering classes on food design and arrangement at the Freedom University, a community-based university. In her class, she shows students how to match dishes with table decorations made from wild plants, local weavings and pottery.

On her future projects, she hopes to train staff at nursing homes and hospice facitilites so as to make the food aspect less institutional and plain. To her, beautiful food should always have a place at the table.

You can read more about Tokiko Iino on her website


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