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The first non-alcoholic bar of Australia opens by Brunswick Aces

The non-alcoholic bar dedicated to moderate drinking opened May 1st in Brunswick East.

Melbourne-based distillery Brunswick Aces will open what would be Australia’s first bar to prioritize non-alcoholic cocktails. A way to normalize moderate drinking, it comes in support of the drink less / drink better trend, when Australians have proven to have reduced their alcohol consumption.

This alcohol-free bar will have a capacity of 150 people and has opened its doors on May 1st. It would be the first bar of its kind in the whole of Australia and will offer a comprehensive list of non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Each section of the menu will contain non-alcoholic beverages, from beers to wines to non-alcoholic distillate from Brunswick Aces distillery Aces Spades Sapiir and Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir.

Stephen Laurence, co-founder and CEO of Brunswick Aces Distillery said, “We are turning the traditional bar around. Demand for quality non-alcoholic beverages has increased year on year across the country, so the time has come to provide an offering that prioritizes those who choose not to drink. Our customers tell us that some premium bars and restaurants have started to think about their alternatives to alcohol, but the sector in general is taking longer to catch up.

We want to lead the change by opening Brunswick Aces Bar and offer delicious non-alcoholic options that don’t compromise on taste. Everything we serve will be 0% alcohol, with our contemporary cocktail list designed to excite any palate, and without a fruit juice mocktail in sight.


Brunswick Aces non-alcoholic bar cocktails

There are more than 100 non-alcoholic tasting options on the Brunswick Aces non-alcoholic bar menu. Classic cocktails in non-alcoholic versions find their place: Negroni, Espresso Martini, Tom Collins and even Gin and Tonic. In addition, a range of premium beers and wines from around the world. It is worth noting that those who wish to sample alcoholic drinks are also welcome, with simple Gin and Tonic options made with Brunswick’s gin, Aces Spades Gin and Brunswick Aces Hearts Gin.

The bar experience goes even further, as with the upcoming installation of distillery equipment to create Brunswick Aces Sapiir distillates on-site, connoisseurs will be able to sip while watching the magic happen.


Brunswick Aces Bar: Opening May 1

Brunswick Aces Bar will be welcoming customers starting May 1.

Where: 124 Weston Street, Brunswick East.

Hours: Thursday through Saturday from 3:00pm to 11:00pm. Store open Monday through Saturday from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

For more information: Brunswick Aces Bar

*Photo: Griffin Simm

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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