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Five canned liquors perfect for the summer!

Nothing is more practical for your trip to the beach or the park in summer than a convenient drinking format. We introduce to you five canned liquors for the summer. Discover them.

Whether you are at home for a barbecue or if you enjoy the beach or the park in your town, these liqueurs are eye-catching due to their practicality and good taste.


HORTUS Canned Cocktail

The Lidl supermarket chain offers Hortus, a pink gin and tonic ready to drink. Craft-made, it comes in different flavors and has an alcohol level of 6.5% per can. Besides the pink gin flavour, it exists in rhubarb.


Canned Cocktail Chilli & Ginger Gin

Another Lidl cocktail, with ginger ale. We found several flavors such as plum and pink grapefruit with gin tonic, traditional gin with red fruits and tonic, and chili and ginger with ginger ale.


East London Liquor Co.

There are four varieties of this cocktail: grapefruit gin and tonic, rum and ginger, vodka and rhubarb.


Bombay Sapphire Gin Tonic

And for those who want something familiar, Bombay Sapphire brings the canned gin & tonic created with its legendary gin. Simple and delicious.


Hard Seltzer White Claw

The fashion of seltzer drinks. If you have not yet heard of these drinks that are sweeping through their distinctive taste and lightness, here is a summary. They are gluten-free, low-calorie effervescent waters that typically replace a beer or a wine.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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