France and Canada reaffirm their real benefit in wine exports

Exports of wine from France to Canada enjoy an increase of 4% in volume and 6% in value. The French wine sector exports more than 5 million additional bottles. In addition, they make a turnover supplement of approximately 40 million euros.

For the French Federation of Wines and Spirits (FEVS), the increase of the respective figures of volume and value are of interest for the companies exporting wines and spirits. In addition to other agricultural sectors, but particularly the wine sector.

However, these positive figures have provided the impetus for the free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada. Still awaiting ratification, it is expected that after validation the wine sector will be even more favoured.

In spite of the almost definitive ratification of CETA, criticisms from other European agricultural sectors such as livestock farming in France and Ireland have been heard.  In addition, they denounce the “disappearance” of an entire part of agriculture, livestock and, more generally, of the quality standards of European production.


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