They reinvent Trenches Beer

A true companion of misfortune, the Trenches Beer was one of the last pleasures of the “hairy”: these valiant soldiers allied during the Great War.

A century after the end of the war, the brewery Au Coeur du Malt decided to commemorate the memory of these soldiers by producing the “Red Line”: a beer similar to that consumed by the latter in the trenches.

Between tradition and commemoration

Directed by Jacques Siscic, the craft brewery Au Coeur du Malt located in the Oise (France), decided to mark with a special stamp commemorations of the centenary of the signing of the armistice. Produced with the objective of being a very good imitation of trenches beer, the “Red Line” will have achieved its goal. In a very short time, she conquered the Oise and all of France.

This observation jumps to the eyes because the bottles of this beer with shades of amber colors are selling like hotcakes. Based on the recipes discovered by historians, this small brewery has found the right formula to mark this historic event. This beer is available in bars as well as supermarkets.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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