liquid roadbook japan discovering shochu and awamor

The Liquid Roadbook Japan, in search of Japan’s forgotten traditional spirits

The organizers of Cocktails Spirits and Paris Cocktail Week write about their experience in Japan rediscovering the country’s eaux-de-vie in this book.

Thierry Daniel and Eric Frossard are the creators of the Cocktails Spirits trade show and Paris Cocktail Week. The duo ventured in 2020 to Japan to rediscover the forgotten eaux-de-vie of the Land of the Rising Sun. Back in France, they captured their experiences in the book Liquid Roadbook Japan, a travelogue. An exciting walk in liquid Japan, very human and little known.

The travel book highlights shochu and awamori, two traditional Japanese drinks, in fact, the oldest and most authentic. Although 90% of these drinks are consumed locally, they have fallen into oblivion. They are currently unknown to young Japanese consumers.

However, since the 2000s, these drinks have been revived thanks to families that produce these mythical spirits.

It is precisely through the encounter between these families and the duo Daniel and Frossard that Liquid Roadbook highlights both spirits on a journey in Kyushu, the largest island in southern Japan, and in the archipelago of Okinawa.

Liquid Roadbook Japan thus becomes volume 1 in a series of books to come on this exciting journey across Japan to rediscover local drinks such as shochu and awamori.


Discovering “Liquid” Japan

As part of the Liquid Roadbook launch, the Liquid Liquid team is organizing a series of online events to discover tasting around “liquid” Japan.

~ SEPTEMBER (21). An event immersed in the Japanese cocktail culture, where we will talk in particular about the techniques and knowledge of dilution. In a word: ice, that essential element of the cocktail in which the Japanese excel.

~ OCTOBER (21). If you can’t get people together in one place, go to them. Tour de France of about 30 of wine stores with animations and tastings around Japanese spirits.

~ NOVEMBER (21). Spirits of Japan. A new event 100% dedicated to Japan “liquid”, open to the general public and professionals.


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