Germany. The country exposed to a particularly severe beer shortage due to the heatwave

In Germany, the high temperatures of the summer season have led to heat wave periods, exposing the country to a “particularly pronounced” beer bottles shortage and their respective crates. This has been announced by the producers and the establishments are calling on the population to respect the return of bottles.

Small breweries, in particular, did not anticipate such high consumption, causing material breakage. In Germany, beer consumers are required to return the bottles and crates purchased once for reuse. This year the heat caused more beer purchases than usual and the breweries lack containers to fill. Even bigger breweries like Moritz.

It should be noted that during 2017 beer consumption was of 3400 fl oz, compared to 4700 fl oz consumed in 1980. German inhabitants are the third largest beer drinkers per person in the world.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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