Heineken adds calories label information and reduces sugar levels off their ciders

For healthier consumption, the Heineken brewery announced that they are significantly lowering the sugar in their beverages, particularly in Bulmers Original Cider.

Heieneken promotes healthier consumption with the implementation of labels with consumption information. More precisely including the level of calories contained in the ciders produced by the brewery, Bulmers Original Cider. At the same time, sugar levels are being significantly reduced.

Cindy Tervoort, Marketing Director UK says: “We have already made changes to our beers and now our entire range of ciders will provide consumers with information about calories and ingredients to help them make informed decisions.”

Other beer brands add calorie labels. In fact, InBev asked in the United States to include the nutrition label on BudLight beer. By 2017, however, the Guinness brewery had added nutrition information to 500ml cans in Ireland.


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