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Heineken unveils robot cooler that stores up to 12 cans of beer

Heineken’s robot cooler uses artificial intelligence with a motion sensor that will follow its owner to supply it with beers!

Heineken knows that summer brings barbecues, picnics and outdoor outings, and that’s why it brings us the Beer Outdoor Transporter (B.O.T.). A green and black robot that thanks to artificial intelligence and equipped with motion sensor technology will follow its owner to ensure that a cold beer is never missing on these occasions.

The robot cooler has the colors of the brand and is equipped with two large wheels plus two small ones. It can store up to 12 beers plus ice to keep them cold inside. The B.O.T. is capable of rolling on both grass and concrete, ensuring we can transport it outdoors wherever we like.

According to the brand B.O.T. has a “charming personality” and can “talk” to its owner by asking questions like “are you thirsty?”. It’s not for nothing that they launched the robot with the tagline “Wherever you go, your Heineken will follow“.

Th brand is counting on the B.O.T. robot cooler to become the summer’s best companion.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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