If you drink this vodka, you can help and protect animals in need

Do you want to help animals in need? If you taste Hera The Dog vodka, you’ll be collaborating with wildlife, companion animals or farm animals.


Hera The Dog is an award-winning vodka that besides being excellent actively participates helping animals in need. If you taste a glass of Hera, 50 % of the profits for sale will be destined to these animals. It all depends on the community you live or bought this vodka. In other words, if you buy a bottle of Hera in Santa Monica, California, the profits will go to the local animal community.


An organic vodka created by animal rescuers

This vodka is 100% organic produced in a family distillery, without GMO. Its purpose, beyond creating a delicious vodka, is to protect the animals by raising funds thanks to the know-how of this family. Its creators own an animal shelter in Los Angeles called A Dog’s Life Rescue.

In fact, it has existed for 13 years. Although the project that gave life to Hera The Dog was Animal Spirit. This organization focused on raising funds for groups and rescue programs, began its adventure with its first product: Hera.

How to collaborate with the vodka Hera The Dog?

Do you wish to collaborate with this beautiful cause? You can buy a bottle of Hera The Dog and save one and more animals by following the purchase link:


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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