In Gaspesie the society “secrète” distills gin and more spirits

In Canada, more precisely in Gaspésie, four friends join together for the distillation of gin – and more spirits. United by their passion for the local terroir, in La Société Secrètel, local gin Les Herbes Folles is produced.

Gin -mainly- is produced in the formerly restructured church St-James de Cap-D’Espoir, converted by the quartet into an handcraft distillery. It has a 600 litre main alembic and a second 300 litre alembic. The latter has a basket for aromatics. They also have oak barrels in which they refine the gin for the final touch.

Returning to Les Herbes Folles, Amelie-Kim Boulianne, one of the partners, explains that after two years of trial and error, this spirit resulted in a complex gin consisting of juniper berries, angelica root, willowherb flowers, sweet clover, wormwood, bunch cherry and more.

The Société Secrète is a team by Geneviève Blais, Mathieu Fleury, Amelie-Kim Boulianne and Michaël Côté. The team’s ambitions go even further, since for the future, the production and distillation of whisky and seasonal spirits representing the best of the local Gaspésien terroir are proposed.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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