In the good old days of cherries in brandy with Burgundian liquorist Joseph Cartron

Grandparents always had a jar of cherries filled and children begged for the precious fruit to inevitably hear themselves say, “Yes, but only one, because it’s alcohol and watch the stone.”

Joseph Cartron has revisited this ancestral digestive to offer a tasty product. His goal is to sell quality at the right price and it works!

It employs 17 people, including 6 managers, and has a turnover of €4.6 million, 36% of which is generated internationally. The Burgundian liqueur maker has just seduced the Serbian, Chilean, New Zealand Lebanese and Vietnamese markets.

“It took us two years of development to be satisfied with the result and to offer this fruit macerated in alcohol to a clientele of bartenders, wine merchants and chocolate makers,” says Judith Cartron, CEO of the family business founded in 1882.

Called “Les cerises de Monsieur Joseph”, the Meuse cherries are immersed in the hydroalcoholic mixture for six months so that it gently impregnates them to the core. “The water content must be the same as that of the fruit to keep it fleshy,” explains Olivier Beutin, the production manager. Then cleaned, sorted and drained, they return to their jars. Olivier develops “We drown them again with a liqueur composed this time of a little bit of the initial mixture of maceration, infusion of black cherries, sugar and a touch of kirsch“.


This brandy makes you want it !


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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