John Lermayer’s legacy continues by Dan Binkiewicz

It is in Miami’s Sweet Liberty that John Lermayer left part of his legacy of bartending. Today Dan Binkiewicz, his partner, continues after his disappearance.

Since 2016 Sweet Liberty has been known as one of the best bars in the United States, after being named best new bar in the country in Tales of The Cocktail. In 2017, the number 28 of the World’s 50 Best Bars and for 2018 climbed to position 21. An important legacy for the world of bartending and cocktails that today his partner Dan Binkiweicz continues.

Together with its staff wearing Sweet Liberty t-shirts and reminiscent of the neon halo of “Pursue Happiness”, Sweet Liberty stands out against a vast selection of tourist-trap Miami bars, with spirit-demanding cocktails, which its bar easily exposes. John Binkiewicz comments “…We wanted to create a place for both tourists and locals. A place with very good cocktails and good cuisine. We partnered with Michelle Bronstein, a well-known chef from Miami. She was in charge of the kitchen, John was in charge of the cocktails and I was in charge of the rest!”

Among the cocktails at the Sweet Liberty bar are versions of Piña Colada, with coffee and sherry, or strawberry Daiquiri with salt and pepper, chamomile… They want to offer an alternative to Miami’s climate by avoiding sugary drinks. In addition to gastronomic accompaniments such as Cauliflower Nachos.

With Lermayer, Binkiewicz dreamed of transferring the Sweet Liberty concept to other states in the country, to New York and Washington D.C. for example. Today Binkiewicz continues to work hard to maintain Sweet Liberty’s reputation high and beyond, in pursuit of happiness.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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