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Learn about Cocktail craft and mixology education in Nashville

Cocktail expert Freddie Sarkis launches Liquor Lab to educate the general public about cocktails and mixology.

Mixology, an art, is now within everyone’s reach. Although unlike food, it is more practical to teach it from person to person. So Liquor Lab, an educational business based in New York, and now in Nashville takes matters into its own hands. Democratize the preparation of cocktails through interactive classes on the preparation of beer, cocktails, spirits, wine and cocktails.

The classes are led by Freddie Sarkis, a former ambassador for Beefeater Gin and Plymouth Gin. He has also opened bars in New York and Chicago. Since 2017, he brings his knowledge to Liquor Lab. “Liquor Lab gives the opportunity to demystify cocktails for daily consumption at home. Sarkis explains.

Sarkis teaches three to five a day in two different spaces. One accommodates up to 30 students, while the other accommodates up to 50 students and allows for private events. Each class has a theme, such as being based on a specific spirit, cocktail, or era. For example “Margaritas and Tacos”, “Japanese Whiskies and Cocktails” and “New York Iconic Cocktails”.

Each class session lasts 90 minutes or two hours, and you are taught how to prepare three to four cocktails. In addition, students will not work on an empty stomach. Liquor Lab partnered with local restaurants such as Peg Leg Porker, Más Tacos Por Favor and Five Points Pizza to offer food during breaks and between tastings. In fact, here they are governed by the philosophy of responsible consumption. “We’re not supposed to be the place where people come and get drunk. We’re a classroom, not a bar.”


Where to find Liquor Lab?

Liquor Lab, 144 Second Ave. N., Suite 10

Contact: 615-730-5126


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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