Lenny Kravitz, ambassador of Dom Perignon: a discovery of the brand in photo proposed by Lenny Kravitz

Dom Perignon is a brand of high quality champagne and to represent it, nothing like a talented artist like Lenny Kravitz. Named ambassador and creative director of Dom Perignon, he wanted to mark the occasion through a photo campaign. Since last Friday, the public can freely access it until October 6th.

The event was held in Los Angeles with guests, close friends, family members such as Zoë Kravitz, the artist’s daughter. Celebrities were also in the party like the model Naomi Campbell and Hidetoshi Nakata, a former football player. The guests did not miss to greet the photo exhibition realized by Lenny Kravitz.

The clichés in black and white were lined up on a wall and showed people in different poses, some with a glass of champagne in their hands. Lenny Kravitz also told Vanity Fair magazine: “I’m fascinated by the process of making things, of making something out of nothing. Music’s the same, painting is the same, and any kind of art form is the same. You have nothing, you have an idea in your head and your soul, and your job is to bring it to fruition, to make it happen.”


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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