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Les Subversifs releases ANGÉLIQUE, a tea liqueur with yerba mate

In Quebec, the micro-distillery Les Subversifs launches a spirit called Angélique, a tea liqueur with yerba mate.

The innovation within the Canadian distillery Les Subversifs does not stop. This time, after their varied ranges of alcohols such as LÉO, or the Marie-Victorin gin, and the creams of mint, they come with the tea liqueur called Angélique.

Angélique is a liqueur with an alcoholic content of 24%, made with yerba mate, Labrador tea and angelica root, this plant being widely used for the production of other liqueurs such as the Bénédictine. Thanks to these ingredients, Angélique stands out for its particular flavor as well as for the history of its character. As in the rest of Les Subversifs’ beverages, each label corresponds to a character.

In this case, the distillery refers to Marie-Josèphe, called Angélique, a young woman who at the time was a domestic slave. After several years of struggle to free herself from her owners, Angelique seems to have threatened her mistress to set fire to her residence.

Coincidentally, in 1734, the city of Montreal suffered a criminal arson, for which Angelique was immediately charged despite the lack of evidence. The story ended up becoming one of the most spectacular Canadian trials of the 18th century, and lasted about six weeks.

Unfortunately Angelique’s final fate is a sad one, after being found guilty she was executed in the town’s public square, burned.

Angelique’s arrest and trial speaks volumes about the nature of slavery in Canada in this century. It may not have been Angelique who started the fire, but she was the ideal scapegoat, being black, a slave and poor.” Explained the distillery.

About its taste, the distillery says: “This liqueur, which strikes the right balance between the sweetness and bitterness of mate and angelique, has the same virtues as a good cup of tea: it awakens the mind and the taste buds!”

Angelique is recommended to be tasted in cocktails and in hot climates such as spring and summer or as a digestive.


Cocktail with Angelique :

60 ml of Angélique tea liqueur.

30 ml of lemon juice

Sparkling water


Preparation: in a large Highball glass with ice, add the ANGÉLIQUE tea liqueur and the lemon juice. Stir. Stretch the drink with sparkling water. Garnish with a lemon wedge.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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