Long waiting lines all over India at liquor stores after lockdown eases

The current coronavirus crisis is not stopping queues from lining up in front of liquor stores in India. Read the news here.

In India, as lockdown measures ease, prices are rising. Liquor remains, however, a major factor in the country’s income.

India is currently in its third phase of lockdown, with more flexible measures. This has caused long queues to form as of Monday at liquor stores in the country. But another important factor caused such queues. During the night, the Dehli government announced a 70% increase in the price of liquor in the capital that would take effect on Tuesday. The increase, through a government state excise tax, underscores the importance of liquor to the economy.

The Indian Express posted a video of the long lines for liquor at licensed stores.

On average, the states collected about 12.5 billion rupees per month from the alcohol tax in 2018-19, rising to about 15 billion rupees per month in 2019-20, and expected to cross the 15 billion rupees per month in the current fiscal year. This projection predated the outbreak of COVID-19.

The state consumption tax is mainly levied on alcoholic beverages and other alcohol-based products. The State excise tax revenue is mainly collected from commodities such as domestic alcoholic beverages.


  • domestic fermented liquors;
  • commercial and denatured alcoholic beverages and medicinal wines;
  • malt liquors;
  • Indian Made Foreign Liquors;
  • liqueurs;
  • foreign spirits and alcoholic beverages;
  • alcoholic beverages and sales to canteens.

In addition, a substantial amount comes from licensing, fines and confiscation of alcoholic products.

The coronavirus has affected more than 49 000 people in India and caused the death of 1 700 people. Delhi is the third most affected city with more than 4 800 confirmed cases.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.