jayne trapper builds bar at home

Meet the woman who built a bar at home because of her husband

Tired of watching her husband run off to the bar at night, Jayne Trapper built a bar for him at home. Read the news here.

The British woman was a little tired of her husband’s continuous trips to the bar with friends. Her solution, was to build a bar in her backyard! Trapper knew that convincing her husband not to go to the bar would not be easy. So why not bring the bar home?

Jayne explained to the British newspaper The Mirror: “My husband Paul has always liked to go down to the bar. And apparently I could never get him to stay at home. So I started thinking – why not set up my own pub, become my own landlady, and then I can tell people, my husband is in the Doghouse!

The pub is indeed, in the garden of the house. She chose the name Doghouse Inn, to remind her husband that he is in the “doghouse”. Her husband is not her only client, as Jayne accepts Paul’s friends to frequent the place. But, as long as they accept this unusual female presence.

Jayne and her husband spent 20,000 euros to build the bar. Drinks and consumption are controlled by her, who only authorizes restocking once a month.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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