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My best and favorite tequila, by bartender Adal Márquez

We recommend the best tequilas according to Adal Màrquez, bartender at 38 years old, born in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) and living in Barcelona since eight years, where he feels at home.

He studied graphic design and photography. “These fields taught me a lot about balance, the harmony of colours and flavours,” he comments, before adding: “I studied at Hotel Botánico, a five-star luxury hotel, where I made all branches of the hotel business possible: barista, sommelier, kitchen assistant, master assistant and bartender“.

He learned a lot from his travels in terms of mixology: Miami, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Brazil… Finally, back in Barcelona, he became friends with the manager of the Boadas bar, Jerónimo and dreamed of working with him. Thing is, it’s a big deal!

He has now been managing the artistic and gustatory part of the cocktails for 6 years: “I try never to lower the quality of the bar, to maintain a requirement in the elaboration of the classics and, in short, to continue to make it special” he adds.


Adal Márquez’s favorite tequilas


Clase Azul

Everything that is the plata, is doubled in the reposado. First, the nose is very subtle with floral notes of jasmine, apple cider, honey and cinnamon. Then, wet soil and vanilla combine to give the first sip a rustic but refined taste. Then, notes of tobacco and chamomile, anise and cloves intermingle in a beautiful bouquet that you won’t soon forget.

Patrón Burdeos

Vanilla, dried fruit and oak bitterness in this tequila.


There is a lot going on here, and every sip brings a new experience. Sometimes, the smoke of charred American oak seems to be in the foreground. Then cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and black pepper come into play. Finally, the mushrooms do a funky dance before transforming into dark chocolate and vanilla flavours. Don’t dare make it a Margarita – this very nuanced tequila is made for pleasure.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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