Ncn’Ean Distillery puts 60 whisky casks for sale to the public

Have you been waiting for a chance to buy a barrel of whisky? The Ncn’Ean distillery is selling 60 casks of exclusive whisky to the general public. An opportunity to participate in the founding of a new distillery and a new whisky.

Each cask is filled with 63% ABV spirit, and hold from 195 to 220 litres. An output of 300 bottles per cask is expected. Prices range from $3,000 to $6,000.

Ncn’Ean has two exclusive recipes, unlike other distilleries. A light recipe, one based on fruits which reaches perfection in 5 years and will be ready to taste. And a heavier recipe which after ten years a whisky that is very deep in flavour and complex will result.

If you’re considering venturing into buying a cask of Ncn’Ean whisky, founder Annabel Thomas has some tips and advice and for you. Ask yourself, about the selection of the distillery and why, its location, and the aging of the whisky. How many bottles would you like to produce?

With purchase, each cask will include the name of the buyer and a certificate of ownership. In addition to the opportunity to see the cask filled in the distillery. Storage and insurance is as well included.

The spirits of Ncn’Ean are considered as innovators. In fact their recipe combine multiple yeasts, and because they combine innovative approaches. They also focus importantly on sustainability, using not only 100% renewable energy, but also creating a whisky that will be certified organic – quite unique in Scotland.

Annable Thomas says: “Scotland has a long history of experimentation which we continue with the development of our whisky.”

For more information on the purchase you can visit the Ncn’Ean dedicated site.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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