open a bottle of champagne

How to open a bottle of champagne in 8 steps

Follow the eight steps below and you will manage to open a bottle of champagne the right way…

To open a bottle of champagne follow the steps below, you’ll be able to uncork your favorite champagne without spilling a drop and celebrate in style and become a master!

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Eight steps to open a bottle of champagne



First of all, to open a bottle of champagne correctly, it has to be cold. Take into consideration a temperature of 7 degrees. If the bottle is not cold enough the pressure will cause the cork to come out very quickly, causing a spurt and turning the cork into a projectile. We don’t want this…

The best way to keep your bottle of champagne at an ideal temperature is to use 50% ice and 50% water in your cooler.


2. Remove the foil from the rim

Cutting the foil creates a clean, even line around the bottle so that once the foil is removed, the cork and cage are exposed. Use the corkscrew blade to cut away the excess foil.


3. Use a cloth napkin or towel

Using a cloth napkin or towel ensures that the cork will not shoot out like a bullet. Wrap the towel or napkin around the bottle and neck.


4. Remove the muzzle in a counterclockwise direction

Adding pressure on the cork will prevent it from popping sooner. It is best to maintain a 45-degree angle. Twist six times and loosen the muzzle.

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5. Twist the bottle, not the cork

Once you have loosened the muzzle, start removing the cork by keeping the pressure around the cork and twisting the bottle, not the cork. If you twist the cork, it is likely to break while still inside the bottle. A very important factor to open a bottle of champagne.


6. Slowly pull the cork out of the bottle

You will feel the pressure on its own and the cork will start to give way. Push against the cork gently to prevent it from coming out too quickly.


7. Now that the pressure of the bottle is ejecting the cork, you can control how fast the cork separates from the bottle.


8. Cork expelled, wipe off the excess

Once the cork has been removed, clean the rim of the bottle, use your favorite glass (white wine glasses or flutes) and serve your champagne.


You now know how to open a bottle of champagne like an expert although it will most likely take you several bottles and years of practice. And that’s only a challenge if you decide to accept it… You have nothing left to do but toast!


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