Scwhweppes creates online training for professionals during confinement

Schweppes offers training through an online channel for professionals in the hospitality industry. Read more here.

Spanish-speaking hospitality professionals can count on the Schweppes brand of tonics and mixers during confinement. In their efforts to support and train professionals, they have created a course on Instagram in the form of tips, tutorials, workshops, talks, recipes and demonstrations. All free of charge, and not only for cocktails but also for business development.

It is not the first one that Schweppes offers to instruct hospitality professionals. They do so through initiatives such as the sponsorship of specialization courses: Expert Bartender and Modern Cocktails; Modern Cocktails: avant-garde and gastrococtelery for cocktails.

But now during the crisis caused by the coronavirus, they have implemented through Instagram and for free new courses. The content is informative, entertainment about cocktails, gastronomy and business management and development.

In the channel, @schweppesprofesional we can appreciate each content through images or videos. Each post offers a different theme, ranging from business advice to food preservation, by teachers from the Basque Culinary Center. In addition, among other publications we find cocktail recipes by the Schweppes Mixing Masters team. Some of the bartenders are Nagore Arregui, Marc Álvarez, Sergio Padilla, Borja Cortina, Alberto Pizarro.

Anyone can log in to the Instagram account and follow the content, whether they are professionals from the hotel industry or individuals.



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