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Mexico, England, Spain, Australia… some cities close bars following resurgence of Covid-19

In some cities around the world, bars have had to close their doors because of identified outbreaks of Covid-19. These are some cities:



Several customers called at least three pubs in England after being confirmed positive by Covid-19. The pubs had of course implemented preventive measures against Covid-19. The pubs had of course implemented prevention measures against Covid-19. These bars are:

The Fox & Hounds in West Yorkshire
West Yorkshire Vape Escape
The Village Home Pub in Hampshire



In Spain 21% of bars and restaurants are still closed at the beginning of July. In some regions such as Catalonia, certain cities have been reconfined due to outbreaks of the disease. Among other associated problems, in the city of Lugo, for example, a bar had to vacate because it was overcrowded and had customers without masks after a police report.


United States

The most affected areas are Texas, Florida and Oklahoma. In California, Texas and Florida the bars and restaurants are still closed. Strict containment measures have been relaxed in all other states, and bars are being reopened with measures in place. However, in Ocean City, Maryland, three restaurants have closed temporarily following cases of covid-19 detected among their employees. These are Dry Dock 28, Buxy’s Salty Dog Saloon and Blu Crabhouse and Raw Bar.



In Montreal they recommend taking coronavirus tests if you have been in a bar on the island since July 1. There are outbreaks related to at least five bars in the metropolis. Public Health has not specified the names of the affected establishments.



Bars in the city of Colima closed their doors after an operation carried out by the State Commission on Health Risks and the National Guard to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The closed bars began to open on 1 June at 50 % of their capacity by authorisation of the Colima city council. From 1 July they will open at 100 % of their capacity.



In Sydney, concern is growing. Three bars have closed after a new outbreak in a city pub, just as Melbourne is experiencing a resurgence of new cases of coronavirus. Three pubs in and around Sydney have been closed for failing to comply with social distancing measures or for their link to contamination.


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