Spanish whisky targets the global market

The year 2018 was a success for the Spanish whisky brand DYC, finishing first in the domestic market beating other whiskies such as Ballantines and J&B.

Spanish whisky targets the global market more confidently after a positive output in 2018, suppressing the complexes that characterized the sector. The DYC brand focuses on achieving international expansion starting with a lucrative venture in the Latin American market.

Marcos de la Torre, DYC’s head of marketing said: “We want to get rid of the inferiority complex we have, that belief that something from abroad will be better than something national. So for us it’s not just about exports, but about breaking down this inferiority complex and achieving success abroad like other Spanish brands, such as Zara or Santander.”

DYC sold around 11 million bottles in 2018, +5.5%, and despite the shrinkage of the Spanish whisky market (around 2%) whisky remains nevertheless a favourite spirit of the Spanish.


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