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Tequila or vodka-smelling hand sanitizer? Avoid!

Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, we have encouraged people to distrust vodka or tequila to make hand sanitizer.

If you find a hand sanitizer that smells like vodka or tequila, discard it immediately. Dr. Daliah comments on KDWN radio on some tips to make sure we have the right gel.

The concern about these alleged gels made with vodka or tequila arises because a few months ago the vodka brand Tito released a statement. The brand warned against using its vodka to make gels. In fact, several Internet users cited the brand in social networks saying they used it to create gel. Also, recently, people at a drive-in in the US said their hands reeked of alcohol after visiting a business who had a hand sanitizer station.

*You can try it before you use it. Try a little drop. Test the taste and texture.

*Have your own hand sanitizer. If you have already bought a reliable brand, and you can reuse it, keep it.

*Also note, some contain citrus products to help alter the smell. Your hands should not have a strong alcohol smell for a long period of time.

Other crazier ideas suggested by an internet user, consisted in creating gel with rum and bleach. Please avoid these practices at all costs as they are very dangerous.

So if for some reason you plan to create your own gel, you should follow the recommendations of the WHO. The WHO provided recipes on how to create your own gel during the hand sanitizer shortage, using 99% isopropyl alcohol. Hand sanitizer can be 60 to 95% alcohol-based.

You can check our guide to creating gel here.

Follow the recommendations and stay safe!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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