the chuan pernod ricard china destilería de whisky´

The Chuan is Pernod Ricard China’s first whisky distillery

The Chuan is Pernod Ricard China’s whisky distillery located in Emeishan, a new world-class destination for whisky, arts and culture.

With the opening of The Chuan, Pernod Ricard becomes the first international spirits and wine group to establish a 100% operational malt whisky distillery in China. The group thus strengthens its pioneering position at the forefront of the Chinese whisky market.

Pernod Ricard China invested $150 million over the past ten years to build The Chuan. Through this project, the group reflects its commitment to China to provide new iconic products and experiences for its consumers while contributing to the growth of the economy and society in a sustainable manner.

Philippe Guettat, Chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard Asia, underlined,

Pernod Ricard has been privileged to play our part in China’s dynamic development for over 30 years. We consider it our mission to bring to life the most iconic malt whisky made in China with pride, leveraging the expertise we have as a market leader. Our master distiller, Yang Tao has been working with our heritage master distillers in Scotland to bring the most authentic whisky making know-how into China, while leveraging the pristine water source of Emei, renowned for its utmost quality. Today, we are marking a significant milestone on this journey and we look forward to sharing our vision and single malt whisky from 叠川 THE CHUAN Malt Whisky Distillery with whisky lovers around the world.”

Architecture firm Neri & Hu has designed the Pernod Ricard Group’s first whisky distillery in China. An industrial project based on the fundamentals of Chinese philosophy. Neri & Hu took advantage of the territory of this Sichuan province, inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List for its rich millennia-long history.

With production underway from August 2021, the distillery will become a new world-class destination for whisky, arts and culture.


You can take a virtual tour of the malt whisky distillery 叠񝷝 THE CHUAN by visiting


Source: Pernod Ricard

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