England. The Fabulous Jaffa Cake Cocktail by Marks & Spencer

If you like Jaffa Cake and cocktails, we have great news for you. Marks & Spencer latest creation brings to a cocktail the sweet flavors of Jaffa Cake, and we all know that M&S cannot go wrong when it comes to food or drinks.

Is is rum based, infused with the classic Jaffa Cake chocolate and orange flavors. It can be poured over ice, and if you are a chocoholic who just can’t get enough, feel free to add as much chocolate syrup as you wish.

The ready to drink straight from the bottle cocktail will cost £10 and will come in a big bottle, great for parties. And yes, because Jaffa Cake cocktails are now a thing, get ready to share this drink with your friends this coming Halloween and Christmas season. Make sure your cocktail is garnished with orange slices to enhance its beauty and taste.

Marks & Spencer’s Jaffa Cake cocktail is part of their new festive 2018 edition for this Christmas season and will be available this coming autumn.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly

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