The new gin infused with caviar by Slingsby Gin x The Man Behind The Curtain

The wave of special gin is not going to stop, in fact the Harrogate brand, Slingsby Gin, has created a gin infused with caviar.

Gin brand Slingsby collaborated with Michelin restaurant The Man Behind the Curtain to create caviar-infused gin. This fusion of gastronomy and spirits brings together the best botanical herbs grown in Harrogate and unusual ingredients such as plankton and Exmoor caviar.

The Man Behind the Curtain has a tasty and originally bold taste. The restaurant – of the same name – will serve gin with white Lillet, corresponding to a kind of extravagant classic Martini. In addition, Vichy Catalan tonic for gin and tonic and can also be tasted as a semi-fredo with lemon.

You can only get this one special edition bottle for Slingsby Gin at The Man Behind The Curtain restaurant for £100. There will only be a limited number of bottles.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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