The traditional chicha de jora taking over on international beers

The chicha de jora has expanded to an international level. Foreign breweries such as La Nébuleuse in Switzerland have created the alliance with the mythical ingredient of the chicha de jora: corn.

It is an ancient drink from Peru, ancestral, dating back to the Inca Empire. Today in Peru, the mythical drink is still produced, and different types of craft beers are brewed with it. International breweries such as La Nébuleuse in Lausanne, Switzerland, have produced Rijkrallpa beer together with the Peruvian brewery Cerveza Cumbres. They recreate the pre-Columbian recipe with Andean botanicals. The name, Rijkrallpa is a winged god of the Mochica culture. He decided, after going to earth and contemplating human suffering, to renounce his wings to live among men.

Among other breweries, Off Color Brewing of Chicago in collaboration with the local museum of natural history produced their version of Chicha de Jora beer, the Wari Chicha-inspired ale. On the other hand, Canada also participates in the recreation of the ancestral beer. The Oshlag brewery with its Chicha Quechua version.


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