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The Uttar Pradesh exercise department is going to reduce the home stock limit for liquor

UP considers reducing liquor quota limit for homes. Read more about this news here.

The new excise policy comes as a bid to stop misuse of liquor in the name of private consumption. This information according to Hidustan Times and people involved with the development.

In mid January the State Cabinet approved a new excise policy. Consists on a mandatory license for stocking liquor above the prescribed limit at home. The same policy prescribed ₹12,000 as the annual license fee plus ₹51,000 security policy. There was already a 2010 notification about the limit of liquor individuals can stock at home. However, it did not make it clear whether storage beyond the prescribed limit constituted an infringement or not.

According to the 2010 notification, there are different limits for each category of liquor that can be stored at home going from 6 liters for Indian-made foreign liquor to 7.8 liters of beer bottled in India. (See the whole chart here).

The new policy is clear that keeping liquor beyond the permissible limit is an offence, unless one has a valid license,” said excise commissioner P Guruprasad. “Currently, one can stock a total of around 26 litres of liquor of different brands at home at one time and this is being considered to be unreasonable“, he added.

He said there was a proposal to reduce the current housing possession limit so that private buyers would not be able to abuse the provision. However, he did not say what the new maximum housing possession limit might be.


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