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These companies provide psychological support and cocktail workshops to their employees

The Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) position exists, and they are looking to comfort their employees during the pandemic with cocktails and psychological support.

With the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, companies have had to make decisions, including reinventing themselves. With the change in the way of working from home, it was necessary to find new routines. Avoiding monotony and maintaining a stable mental health of the work team is imperative. To this end, several “happiness managers” in companies found alternatives to keep their teams motivated and fit.

One of these people in charge of achieving this goal is Julien Edelman. He has been a happiness manager for three years in a B2B bank with 300 employees. His job is to “ensure cohesion, corporate culture and work on the employer brand to attract new talent”.

Edelman explains to the newspaper L’OBS that it was necessary to adapt overnight as soon as teleworking was introduced. One of the tasks was to move from face-to-face conviviality to remote conviviality. “We organized a schedule with one activity per day: sports or online coffee, small games, cocktail or wreath-making workshops,” she told the newspaper. Fridays are a day of meditation…


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