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This DC Distillery creates Dissent Gin in support of abortion rights

Dissent Gin is a gin created by Washington DC distillery Republic Restoratives, another action by the producer with a social purpose.

Republic Restoratives is producing about 500 bottles of Dissent Gin to start, but will continue depending on demand.

This is not the first time Republic Restoratives has created based on current events and social rights. The Ivy City distillery has already produced Rodham Rye in the past to celebrate Hillary Clinton and Madam whiskey as a tribute to Vice President Kamala Harris. Its latest political product? Dissent Gin, the proceeds of which will go to abortion access.

While the launch – on Wednesday, June 29 – seems especially timely given the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade last week, Dissent Gin was first conceived as an ode to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, years before 2020’s death.

While Ginsburg’s legacy has been somewhat complicated in liberal circles by her decision not to retire before the 2016 election, it’s clear that she was a strong advocate for abortion rights. And so the idea of Dissent Gin was revived this year when it began to become clear that the Supreme Court might change course on this issue.

We always thought, ‘What can we do? We’re a distillery,'” says Republic Restoratives founder Pia Carusone, former chief of staff to Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. “We can’t help it, given the people we are and what we think, and I think what our customers think.”

Dissent Gin, pastrami-inspired tasting notes

Master distiller, bartender and gin expert Nicole Hassoun drew on Ginsburg’s Brooklyn upbringing to create a flavor profile inspired by pastrami.

The flavorful Dissent Gin is cold-smoked with hickory and incorporates notes of pepper, allspice, bay leaves, ginger, lemon and tangerine.

DC artist Rose Jaffe, who is behind the RBG mural on U Street, designed the label, which she says is meant to embody “togetherness, resilience and the beauty of supporting each other in the pursuit of our dreams.”

The $79 bottle will be available at Republic Restoratives and local retailers. Ten dollars from each bottle will go to the National Abortion Funding Network, which provides financial and logistical support to people seeking abortions.

The distillery previously raised more than $25,000 for EMILY’s List, an organization that helps Democratic women running for office, with proceeds from Rodham Rye.

Source: washingtonian.com


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