Three Reasons to read “The Next Country You Visit for Whisky? Australia”

Have you ever thought about Australia’s potential on whisky? We give you three reasons to visit the country for its whisky.

Written by the great editor Sarah Theeboom, the article titled “The Next Country You Visit for Whisky? Australia” is a beautiful panorama of the history of Tasmanian whiskey. We learn to discover this island state located in Australia through its original ethyl heritage. If you are planning a trip to Australia, read this article; you will find very interesting informations.


It presents a reference whiskey: Mackey Single Malt Tasmanian Whiskey

Made in limited production in Tasmania (only 100,000 bottles each year), this whiskey was named as the best single malt at the 2014 World Whiskeys Awards. This award represents the excellent quality of whiskeys produced in the region.


This whiskey recognized by the Whiskey Bible

This whiskey features in Jim Murray’s famous Whiskey Bible. This book has gained recognition from professionals of the whisky industry, as the best whiskey guide in the world.


This article reveals some good addresses

The Tasmanian Whiskey Trail, Lark and Overeem, Irish whiskey and gin and the Belgrove Peter Bignell home are must-see addresses for lovers of good whiskey.

For further information, you can read “The Next Country You Visit for Whisky? Australia“.


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