Whiskey and vodka flow as Tasmanian farmers adopt a spirit of sustainability

When it comes to farming, change is the guarantee of long-term survival. This is what are showing us 2 Tasmanian farms.



View of Lawrenny’s farm.


Ross Mace holds the first, located in Lawrenny. This beef farmer has found in distilling whiskey the way of diversification. He adopted a concept that consists in producing on-site all the ingredients necessary for the production of the whiskey. Besides, this farmer who already produces barley and malt, also hopes to grow his own yeast strains in the future.

Further south, near Dunalley, it’s the Daly family who bravely started producing potato vodka, a brand new concept in Australia. They use for its production, potatoes rejected by supermarkets. They currently produce 400 bottles of vodka a month.


Customers in the middle of a tasting session.


The biggest barrier to the growth of small businesses like those of Rose Mace and the Daly family remains the high excise tax on spirits. Result of industry lobbying on the government? All hope and expect an improvement of the situation.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly